If you are looking for new music, we will create music for you using professional tools.
Depend on the music, we will record real guitar and real bass guitar.

The reason why you order to Azur.

Because we are Japanese music team, we can make music with Japanese lyrics and song with Japanese words.
Japanese contents such as TV games, animation are famous and sometimes, "Japan" words makes good image for these contents.
Therefore, using Japanese music may have big possibility to make your contents famous.
However, it is very difficult to order Japanese composer to create new music because, there is language issue.
Actually, almost Japanese can not speak English and they do not have enough experience to work using English.


However, Azur can use English and we can create new music based on your image.


The most important thing of music composition is image.
What image do you have? What kind of music do you want?
Usual Japanese composer is difficult to speak English but, we can do.
Therefore, if you have been looking for Japanese music, please contact Azur.


We will make music for your own contents with Japanese vocals based on your image.

Compose your music

Compose a music with Japanese Vocals
Using Japanese Vocals, we will compose music for you.
*Please note that price will be changed depend on vocals and depend on your specification.
*We will send you quotation after we get your new music information.


Music Composition without Vocal
*This service is to compose off vocal track. You can record your vocal later by yourself.
*Please note that price will be changed depend on your specification.
*We will send you quotation after we get your new music information.

Order Flow

Below is the oder flow.


1, Discussion and Quotation
First, please inform us what kind of music you want.
We have contact form and you can use it to contact us.
If you have any images, please send us similar music such as mp3 or YouTube URL.
Also, you can use Skype or E-mail to contact us so that we can discuss the details of your image.
After we fixed the images, we will make quotation and if it is OK for you, we will proceed to compose your music.


2, Provisional Music check using MIDI format
Before we finalized your music, we will send you provisional music.
This is MIDI format data and you can check whether the music is based on your image or not.
If there is no problems, we will proceed the music and finalize your music.


3, Finalize the Music
After we finish the music, we will pass you the final data.
Usually, we make the data of 16bit WAV format.
If it is OK, we will pass the above format data.